Research Awards

A complete listing of all MRA grant awards, along with abstracts, can be accessed online at

Research Awards

A complete listing of all MRA grant awards, along with abstracts, can be accessed online at

MRA Snapshot

Since its founding in 2007, the Melanoma Research Alliance has become the largest non-profit funder of melanoma research worldwide. Through 380 awards, MRA has directly invested more than $131 million, and leveraged an additional $415 million in collaborative and follow-on funding towards its mission. MRA is catalyzing strategic, collaborative, and accountable research efforts that have moved the field forward and given patients and their loved ones better treatment options and renewed hope.

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Team Science Awards

MRA Team Science Awards are the centerpiece of the MRA research funding portfolio. This program fulfills one of MRA’s primary goals: to foster a collaborative research process. Multidisciplinary teams consist of Principal Investigators with complementary expertise who may be from the same institution, inter-institutional, and/or international institutions. Team science projects promote transformational melanoma research advances with the potential for rapid clinical translation.

Team Science Academic-Industry Partnership Awards

MRA Team Science Academic-Industry Partnership Award is designed to enhance translational research by extending academic capabilities to clinical investigations and to facilitate interactions between the academic and industrial research sectors. These awards will be co-funded by MRA and an industry partner whose involvement is essential to the project.

Young Investor Awards

MRA Young Investigator Awards aim to attract early career scientists with novel ideas into melanoma research, thereby recruiting and supporting the next generation of melanoma researchers. Young Investigators are scientists within four years of their first academic faculty appointment. A mentorship commitment from a senior investigator is required.

Pilot Awards

MRA Pilot Awards test potentially transformative ideas that do not have extensive preliminary data but articulate a clear hypothesis and translational goals. Resources for such “high-risk, high-reward” projects are important to establish proof-of-concept, which may then leverage additional funding through more traditional avenues.

Dermatology Fellows Awards

MRA Dermatology Fellowship Awards are designed to drive greater interest in the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and early intervention of melanoma among dermatologists by investing in post-docs and medical residents focused on dermatology.

Dermatology Junior Faculty/Clinical Instructor Awards

MRA Dermatology Junior Faculty/Clinical Instructor Awards support new dermatology faculty (clinical instructors or new assistant professors) working in research on melanoma prevention or improving early detection, diagnosis, or prognosis.