Established Investigator Awards

Established Investigator Awards support senior investigators with an established record of scientific productivity and accomplishment and who are past the initial four years of their first academic faculty appointment.

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Role of Opioid Signaling in Disabling Immunity During Melanoma Progression

MRA Established Investigator Award

Ana Anderson PhD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Formation and Function of Tertiary Lymphoid Structures in Melanoma

MRA Established Investigator Award

Victor Engelhard PhD, The University of Virginia

Targeting Neuroinflammation for Inhibition of Melanoma Brain Metastasis

MRA Established Investigator Award

Neta Erez PhD, Tel Aviv University

CSDE1 Proteoforms as Novel Targets for Melanoma Treatment and Prognosis

MRA Established Investigator Award

Fatima Gebauer PhD, Fundacio Centre De Regulacio Genomica

Targeted Therapy of Melanoma with LZTR1 and CRKL Inhibitors

MRA Established Investigator Award

Ruth Halaban PhD, Yale University

Identifying Defects in Nucleic Acid Sensing that Drive anti-PD-1 Resistance

MRA Established Investigator Award

Rizwan Haq MD, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Tailoring T cell Anti-Tumor Response with Mitochondria-Mediated Regulations

MRA Established Investigator Award

Ping-Chih Ho PhD, University of Lausanne

PARP14 Mediates Adaptive Resistance to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

MRA Established Investigator Award

Adam Hurlstone PhD, University of Manchester

Balancing Stem-Like and Effector T Cells for Maximal Anti-Tumor Activity

MRA Established Investigator Award, collaboratively funded by Massachusetts
General Hospital

Thorsten Mempel MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Targeting Acral/Mucosal Melanomas Using a Novel KIT-driven Murine Avatar

Leveraged Finance Fights Melanoma-MRA Established Investigator Award

Hensin Tsao MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Protein Kinase C Fusion — Rare Targetable Initiating Mutation in Melanoma

Leveraged Finance Fights Melanoma-MRA Established Investigator Award

Iwei Yeh MD, PhD, The University of California, San Francisco

Melanoma survivor and clinical trial participant Brandon Barniea and family.