About MRA

MRA Board of Directors

Organizational Affiliations and Titles are included to identify individuals, however, all individuals listed serve in a personal capacity, and not as a representative of the organization to which they are employed.

Debra Black, Chair

Co-Founder & Chair, MRA

Leon Black

Co-Founder, MRA

Ben Black

Managing Partner, Fortinbras Enterprises

Margaret Anderson

Secretary, MRA Board
Managing Director, Deloitte

Maria Bell

Television Writer and Producer

Ellen Davis

Principal, Makana Beverages

Amanda Eilian

Partner and Co-Founder, __able Partners

Jason Daniel Federici

Art Director

Jami Gertz

Television and Film Actress
Atlanta Hawks Owner

Daisy Helman

CEO and Founder, Garden Collage

Susan Hess

Vice Chairman, Whitney Museum

Denise Kellen

Patient Advocate and Philanthropist

Michael L. Klowden

CEO, Milken Institute

Nancy Marks

Michael Milken

Chairman, The Milken Institute

Richard Ressler

Founder & President, Orchard Capital Corporation and CIM Group

Mary Jo Rogers

Melanoma Patient and Advocate

Jeffrey Rowbottom

Partner, Iron Park Capital

Elliott Sigal, MD, PhD

Senior Advisor, New Enterprise Associate

Jonathan W. Simons, MD

Medical Director and Chief Science Officer, Marcus Foundation

Jonathan Sokoloff

Managing Partner, Leonard Green & Partners, LP

Elizabeth Stanton

Suzanne L. Topalian, MD

Professor, Surgery and Oncology, Johns Hopkins Medicine