Challenge Accepted

This was a year like no other.

We witnessed the importance of science, research, and human tenacity in rare but powerful ways. COVID-19 forced so many of us to adapt seemingly overnight. It pushed us in ways we never knew and persisted without an end in sight. Nevertheless, we persevered.

And, indeed, perseverance is at the core of what we do at MRA. We never stop challenging ourselves, no matter the odds or obstacles, in pursuit of conquering melanoma and saving lives.

Despite the tumultuous year, we continued to share lessons learned, collaborate with partners across industries, engage patients and advocates, and bring people together to discuss and advance scientific breakthroughs. We funded investigators who are tackling some of the most vexing issues facing patients with melanoma, such as rare subtypes and treatment-resistant disease; as well as innovations, including therapeutic vaccines and microbiome diversity in immunotherapy response.

Paving a Path for Cancer Vaccines

From Promise to Action: Testing AI in the Clinic

What You Control: Your Microbiome, Diet, Stress, and Melanoma

Understanding (and Overcoming) Treatment Resistance

Creating Community & Driving Rare Melanoma Research Forward: The Launch of the RARE Registry